How does this bid fit within our business plans and objectives?
Do we have access to the tools and resources required to bid successfully?
How strong is our Customer relationship and knowledge of their business?
Who are our competitors? What are their strengths and weaknesses?
Do we have a proven, competitive and compliant solution?
Is this good, profitable business?
Can we deliver in-line with scope, time and cost requirements?

Reduce the stress, effort and cost of competitive bidding

BidCompass is a web-based bid qualification, planning and analysis tool focused on improving bid win ratios and profitability. With real-time analysis of the unique competitive position of each opportunity and detailed advice and guidance on how to maximise win chance.

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Is this good use of our time and effort?

Real-time analysis of the unique competitive position of each bid/tender focuses effort, cost and resource on the most winnable and profitable tender/bid opportunities.


What must we do to win?

A unique, unemotional overview of competitive position, highlighting strengths, weaknesses and potential deal killers! Dynamic action plan with remedial advice and team comments.


Who’s doing what and by when?

Bid/tender planning and scheduling. Track key milestones with itemised tasks and associated costs from day one until contract award, allowing you to manage costs and ensure nothing is overlooked.


Why are we winning/losing?

Generates powerful management information to analyse opportunity status, win ratio, costs and reasons for win/loss. With dashboard interface and downloadable reports.

Simple web interface. See for yourself.

BidCompass has been developed with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind, our clean and intuitive web interface allows you to focus on what's important.

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What our users say

BidCompass has been developed and refined utilising input from Bid Managers, Business Development, Commercial and Sales Directors alongside Procurement and Management Information Specialists. We are keen that all users fully exploit the functionality and features and all Users are invited to our vibrant BidCompass User Group on LinkedIn - a forum to share user experience and ideas. Furthermore, we recognise that many organisations deploy a robust and proven business winning process into which which BidCompass can be quickly and efficiently integrated. For further information on bespoke solutions please contact us on

* please note the opinions expressed here are personal and do not necessarily represent the views of their respective employers.

Peter Winsche - Client Director at British Telecommunications

“Having run a number of bids through BidCompass i am delighted with the focus it instills. Fully exploiting the "comments" feature throughout the process enables me to quickly and effectively produce an Action Plan to ensure i can enhance position. The range of management information BidCompass delivers really supports quick and effective Trend Analysis and Reporting.”

Tim Aitken - Quintec

“Given the many bids and tenders we have seen over the years there is no such thing as a typical bid or an "off the shelf" solution. Indeed, our experience has shown every bid is different and has to be tailored to the specific circumstances which prevail. Meticulous planning at the outset is absolutely vital, BidCompass encourages debate and really aligns and directs the business opportunity throughout.”

John Buttress - Fujitsu Services

“I found the BidCompass Planning Tool to be an intuitive, easy to use tool that encourages a common sense and best practice approach to assessing bidding opportunities and planning. In my experience, many organisations will claim confidently, “we already follow best practice”, and then go on to waste large sums of money doing just the opposite. I strongly believe that this tool provides a focussed and dynamic approach to help organisations put best practice into practice.”


Support Services

Our team is comprised of professionals with vast experience in Bidding & Tendering in a wide range of market sectors.
We can assist and advise you on how to win more business!

Interim Support

Expert on-site or remote support and mentoring by our team of professionals for all aspects of bid submission:

  • Bid Go/No Go Evaluation
  • Win Theme Generation
  • Red/Blue/Pink Team Reviews
  • Independent Critique
  • Bid Management
  • Bid Editorial
  • Team Building

Bid Writing

We find many clients are proficient at providing a dry technical submission but struggle to turn this into a compelling selling proposal.

Using our “four Cs” aproact to bid writing we can ensure your submissions are:

Concise, Coherent, Compelling and Consistent!

We also ensure that claims you make in your response are supported by tangible evidence, and that the question posed is fully answered!


Bespoke training to improve your…

Opportunity Qualification

Is this good use of our time and effort?

Opportunity Assessment and Development

What must we do to win?

Opportunity Planning

Who's doing what and by when?

Workload, Performance and Trend Analysis

Why are we winning/losing?

Flexibility and Accessibility

When and how can we use automation?

Please contact for further information.


Simple pricing model which adapts to your needs

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